Thursday, May 7, 2009

We bought our first Wine

We left Staten Island early this morning and had a beautiful drive to Watkins Glenn, NY. The drive was in low overcast clouds but that seemed to make the Poconos in PA even more intriguing. When we arrived in Watkins Glen we went to the local chamber of commerce and got some information but more importantly pointed us to the local wine association offices where we bought a Riesling pass ( for $12) which allows us to taste wine at 27 different wineries. Now I know we will not go to that many wineries but it will still be cheaper than paying for tasting at each one we go to. We had some time today so before we checked into our motel we stopped at two wineries and of course this time of the year we were the only tasters there. We tasted some good wines at both and decided to buy one for the road. We won't do this often, heck how many bottles can you get in an already full trunk. Tomorrow we will visit more wineries, with Judy taking it easy and being the designated driver. If you click on the link to the right that says pictures from this trip you will see many more pictures from this trip and we upload more every day.

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