Friday, May 15, 2009

The Bourbon Trail

Well, yesterday was another day in Kentucky and a fun one. We started out on the Bourbon Trail. The Bourbon Trail is a list of seven bourbon distilleries that offer tours and tasting. Well, we went to five of them including, Four Roses, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, Heaven Hill and our favorite tour, Makers Mark. We found out that to be a bourbon, the mix has to include at least 51% corn, after that they can use most anything they want with most using some type of wheat or barley. After going through the distilleries we spent the rest of the day smelling the mash wherever we went, but finally by the end of the day when we arrived in Tn it finally subsided. We tasted a bourbon at Makers Mark that was especially good the they make only at Kentucky Derby time, called Makers Mint Julep ....yum yum. Well, tomorrow we start for home, but we are going to swing over to Hilton Head SC to stop and see Bob Clark, an old friend, then homebound by Saturday.

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