Thursday, May 14, 2009

Churchill Downs

What a marvelous day we had today. We spent the day at Churchill Downs. First of all there was almost no one there, so that made it very nice. And what an inexpensive day it turned out to be. First the parking was free, and the entrance fee for seniors is only one dollar. I did buy a program for two dollars and enjoyed the day only making four bets, I wound up loosing $1.40, not bad. Judy and I not really being gamblers were there to enjoy the atmosphere and the surroundings. We both were able to get great photos and again able to get up close and personal with the horses and jockeys. Very few of the favorites won the races today, a lot of underdogs came through to win. We would love to come back here for the Kentucky Derby one day. Judy even got good luck beads because it was our first time here, dang, they didn't work. We are staying in Albany, Indiana tonight which is right outside of Louisville where Judy is working hard on our schedule for tomorrow......"The Bourbon Trail"

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